Monday, 8 February 2010

The One

Something a bit different this time .
This is the first of the 'Graffiti' pictures ,inspired by 'One among the sleepless'.I've had rough sketches and ideas for months but haven't been able to pull anything together that did this great story justice .I felt the illustrations had to be contemporary and taking my inspiration (in part)from the underpasses near my home i settled on the Graffiti idea .This one shows the 'Petrol'

scene (if you're not familiar with the story go to to find out more).

I've used ink ,pencils ,spray cans ,sandpaper and bits of text from old magazines to create a stressed and worn surface to paint the images onto .The trick with these pics was to work very quickly and not worry too much about how accurate the drawings were .this i hope has acheived something that has the spontaneous feel of Graffiti .

As always listen to the story and please feel free to comment .

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