Saturday, 1 January 2011

Elegantly Twisted (Homage to The Sect)

Elegantly Twisted (Homage to the sect)
The Sect ,gathered from  different social backgrounds and professions ,united through a common goal .Worshipping and serving The Lord Underwood !
Elegantly twisted pays Homage to them. The Largely unknown members responsible ,together with The Guardian for the safety of Underwood .There is a sense of  mystery  surrounding  'the Sect' ,they have over the years infiltrated ,the key areas of 'The Establishment' . Police even MPs may be counted amongst the 'Sect's' members !!.There could even be one LIVING NEAR YOU!!!!!.
Worrying stuff ......still you could calm yourself by wizzing over to to find out more about 'The Sect',and listen to the great U&F Podcast .
As always any questions or comments are gratefully received and i've made this image free to download from my deviant art page ,just click on the link

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