Sunday, 18 October 2009

All Hail !! (pastel on paper)

An attempt to create something not scary as such ,but a bit disturbing .
I was after capturing the moment his lordship turns to the sect after being ressurected ,after tasting blood!.The image started as a doodle and just grew into a portrait of Underwood ,over a period of a couple of days .It is very hard to produce an image that is scary ,because we are bombarded with images every second of every day ,but a friend recently saw 'All Hail' and told me 'that looks well fucked up!'.So job done there then .
I've also created a U&F file on my flickr page ,where you can also find an illustration called 'Monster' inspired by the poem of the same name from Mike Bennett's 'MissWong ,someday we'll meet again' poetry podcast which can be found or itunes.
So pop over to Mike's site and have a listen !


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