Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The last words of Geoffrey Leech (acrylic on paper)

One of my favourite images ,inspired by the H.O.M.story 'Salvation'. This idea came very quickly and is meant to portray the hopelessness of Geoffrey's situation .The tape over the mouth represents the frustration of being in a situation that no one would believe . I was also reading AH POOK IS HERE by William Burroughs at the time which contains a line 'screaming without a tongue without a voice'.So the image is a sort of merging of ideas from the two stories i suppose.
The image is painted using Acrylics ,a medium that i seem to be using more and more these days .
My local gallery did recently tell me that this and some other recent work ,'wasn't really their thing'. So i don't know if that's a good or bad thing really.Still i don't do' sheep in fields' or 'still life with vase '
Sadly Underwood and Flinch has come to the end of part one .If you haven't heard it you should get over to www.mikebennettpodcast.com because it really is a great episode ,well done Mike !

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