Monday, 17 May 2010

I am the Reality

                                                         I am the Reality (pastel on paper)
This one is inspired by a line in episode 21 of Underwood &Flinch ,by Mike Bennett, listen to the episode at  .After a failed attempt to kill Underwood with a steak to the heart (fashioned from a cricket stump!),David learns from his Lordship that the steak through the heart routine is merely the stuff of novels ,therefore throwing all we know of vampires into doubt .
This is the starting point for the painting .I've shown the face of Underwood surrounded by a kind of turbelent aura ,as if there are forces at work that we cannot understand .
The painting is pastel on paper ,which i find a really versatile medium ,although all to often pastels seem to be used only for landscapes and still life's.Which is a shame .
Anyway i'm off to check the supplies of red paint and sharpen those pencil in anticipation of part 2 of Underwood and Flinch .

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