Saturday, 12 June 2010

Underwood smiles.& Underwood ,the grown up's vampire

"Vampires ,you mean like Twilight "! Oh Dear ,Dear,Dear ......No my teenage friend ,i mean VAMPIRES!
Nasty,Violent ,Homicidal creatures that you certainly wouldn't let a teenage girl go near .Phew ! there you go i've got it out of my system .
Two illustrations this time, one a sort of rough for a Graphic Novel (Stan Lee,if you surf this particular corner of the web ,I'm looking at you!).And the second a nasty pen illustration grabbing the Vampire Genre back from teenage girls.Oh yes! Get the hot's for this if you will!! No ? i didn't think so .......
After reading this you'll probably be Hot for a 'Vamp 'so why not pop over to
Because let's face it we all have needs............
Special thanks to Jon Cape for answering the 'is Stan Lee still alive 'Question .

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