Sunday, 22 January 2012


You know how it is,you wait (?) months for something new to appear At The Darkest Edge then 3 appear at once .....These pictures are collage's created  from my collection of U&F Based sketches /unfinished paintings .Cut up,rearranged,added to stuck down etc .In short, recycled to create new work .I like the idea of discovering an abandoned piece of artwork cutting it up adding it to another forgotten bit and a brand new idea being formed .Never throw anything away !!!
Also a big thanks to Jon Cape for posting another collage 'Journey to the centre of the inkster's Hitlerian Parody 'on his wonderful Inksters Imaginarium site.You can find the Fantastic U&F inspired Hitler Parody video there, as well as a wonderfully Dark selection of Jon's work .Just pop over to .But take a torch ,it's Dark in there !!


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