Sunday, 20 May 2012

Underwood ,Lifeblood

Inspired by the events in Episode 44 ,This is an illustration that uses Tinted charcoal ,a medium i've been using a lot of late.The image of Underwood is loosely based on a photo of Herbert Huncke an image that has fascinated me since i first saw it many years ago .(See Below )
Herbert Huncke
In Underwood lifeblood i have tried to recreate the moment that Miguel's blood starts to take effect ,the touch of red around the eyes and mouth allude to something stirring ,a life force if you like, something Fragile yet all powerful ,stirring from within the near corpse like Underwood .Driven by Mike's  Remarkable writing he creates a real sense of tension in this episode as we are driven along to the fast approaching climax to Underwood and Flinch. Underwood,lifeblood is available as a free High res. Download from my DeviantArt Page .Just click on the link at the top of the page .

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