Sunday, 6 January 2013

A disjointed phase

In an attempt to keep the blog active while i wait for more MBP based inspiration ,i've decided to post some of my more recent artwork .It seems that i'm experiencing another disjointed /experimental phase.It happens every now and then ,usually when i start to consider  more commercial avenues for more my work .
I have spent the previous six months or so experimenting with different ideas and mediums .I find it's best just to work through these ideas and see what is produced at the end.
Transmission /Crosses

Towards  Flight

Cardiograph Horizon

Truth Revealed (The Charlatans Touch)

The recent stuff is more abstract with text creeping in to the artwork.i have also been working with Artbars which can be used with water and scratched and scraped to create stunning visual effects.
So sadly no Vampires this time but another example of What i do .As always any comments etc

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