Sunday, 6 October 2013

The innsmouth look

After months of internet problems ,the Mike Bennett influenced blog is back !!!!
Word to the wise never,i repeat NEVER !! use an ISP that rhymes with WALK WALK !!....i mention no names .
Output since my last post has been of an Abstract nature but i did produce an Image based on Mike's reading of H.P.Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth .
And this is what we have today.
Mike's treatment of the Lovecraft tale was wonderful and full of atmosphere ,you could virtually smell the fish !
Inspired ,in part by the Work of  Hieronymus Bosch,this tries to capture the Dark humour contained in the story,which Mike's reading captured so brilliantly.The image was produced using pastels on dark grey paper.
The approach was very 'Automatic' in nature with no sketches allowing the faces to emerge from the Dark Background .
Any questions or comments regarding my Artwork or who my favourite member of The Saturdays is know where i am .!
Congratulations to Mike for his recent Parsec Awards  ,richly deserved for both the  U&F and Innsmouth   podcast.
And now off to prepare for the next installment of U&F !

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