Saturday, 23 November 2013

UY1-01 Underwood Returns !

Well,well,well here we go again !
A new season of U&F and after just one episode , Mike has already left us wanting more ! Our only consolation is the promise of Monthly episodes !. The new format for season 3 of the U&F chronicles is the story told through a series of recorded interviews with The 'Late' lord Underwood  ,recordings made by David's Father, Arthur Flinch ,recorded on Tape and later converted to MP3 by John Flinch .
This provided the  inspiration for the image below ,an illustration created using Tinted charcoal and pastels on a dark paper ,the same technique i used for 'The Guardians' .
The recent U&F artwork uses an Automatic technique ,where no sketches or roughs are used .I tend to have an idea for the image ,which i let fester in my mind for a while and then let it 'grow' on the paper ,faces tend to appear from out of the dark background .Not a perfect system but one that tends to throw up interesting results .I've also posted this to my paintingsilove page so if you'd like to find more of my art go to
As always any questions regarding my artwork know where i am ....

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